Sista Silky Deodorant Cream

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Sista Silky Deodorant Cream

This soft and silky deodorant can be considered a game changer and it’s gentle on sensitive underarm skin. Great for all day freshness. Healthy for use around breasts as well plus naturally antibacterial and soothing.

Note: This item is not an antiperspirant but is moisture absorbent. Having minimal underarm hair will help to maximize absorption into the skin. 

Select From 3 scents

Clean - Light Powdery Scent 

Mango & Melanin - Mango & Cream

Fineapple - Intense Fruity Pineapple with a hint of Lemongrass 

Instructions: Use knob to wind up deodorant stick to desired height. Swipe across armpit or desired area 1-2 times then gently massage into the skin. If you prefer a harder consistency store in a refrigerator. 

Ingredients: Coconut Oil Cornstarch Arrowroot Beeswax Fragrance 

Use within 6 months on purchase