Coochie Crate - Mother’s Day Edition

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Coochie Crate - Mother’s Day Edition

Enjoy 5-7 specially curated items made especially for a healthy V and body. Indulge in the best in feminine care by selecting this option. Each time products will vary so customers can order as often as they like and try various products including ours. 

Ship Date 5/7/21

 Coochie Crate includes:

1 Multi Use Melon-Mint Herbal Foot Soak 

1 Full Size Luxe Butter Melon Gelato Bath Bar 

1 Shower Size Clean Coochie Foam

1 Sista Silky Moisturizing Body Oil - Melon Mood Scent (Watermelon, Jasmine & Vanilla Notes)

1 TShanel Beauty Luxury Melon Gelato Body Scrub

1 Pack Herbal Pantyliners