Herbs For A Menstrual Makeover

Nakea Murray

Women are in need of more manageable menstrual cycles make up a lot of our clients so here are a few herbs that can be used during Vsteaming or taken in supplement or tea form that may give you relief.


Red Raspberry Leaf - Helps to calm menstrual cramps and also provides circulation support for all over womb health.

Chaste Berry - Hormone balancing herb that can help manage your menstrual cycle and PMS symptoms.

Shephard’s Purse - Can help prevent excessive blood loss.

Yarrow -  Astringent herb that may assist with hemorrhaging and pain associated with an active flow.

Lady’s Mantle - Can help stop menstrual flow to curb excessive bleeding.

Red Clover Blossom - Helps reduce blood clots due to its blood thinning properties. 

Nettle - Can help to slow down excessive bleeding and assist with low iron fatigue.

Motherwort - Can promote healthy reproductive function and help bring down an absent period. 

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