Read This Before Your Put Your Teen On Birth Control

Nakea Murray


From the ages of 14-16 my daughter dealt with horrible menstrual pain, heavy bleeding and large blood clots. Her cycle would last for 7-8 days and she was miserable. After lots of doctor visits the only solution that was given was birth control pills. 

This was not a fix, only a bandaid with lots of long term risk factors to consider. Infertility, elevated blood pressure, weight gain and more. I didn't accept this and didn’t believe this was all that could be done. Once I was introduced to Vsteaming this was a game changer for her.

A 30 Minute session twice in one month completely changed things around. She went from heavy days to light-medium days with less pain and no clots. Voila… a complete Menstrual Makeover. This along with herbal non toxic pads was a winning combination.

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