Meet The Principal Vagician

Nakea is my name and saving Wombs & Coochies is my claim to fame. I appreciate you stopping by the page and wanted to share a few fun facts about myself. Below you'll find a short bio.

After two decades as a powerhouse in the publishing industry, a search for a natural solution for a personal health issue Nakea Murray decided to launch V-TOX™️ Intimate Health & Wellness in 2014. The line of nature based feminine care products includes a Intimate cleansing bar, menstrual care and herbal Vsteam treatments. Starting out from personal experience V-TOX™️ has become the go to brand and a vital training resource for Vagicians and practitioners around the country that offer personal care and information sessions. Her Black Wombs Matter™️ Initiative helps underserved women and girls obtain healthy hygiene products & education regarding reproductive system issues that hit hard in the African American community. Ms. Murray was born and raised in Philadelphia. This true Mompreneur has produced and hosted an award winning online radio show and her latest projects include the Coochie Convo™️ and Everything I Got Wrong In Business Podcasts launching this year. VTOX is located in Bala Cynwyd PA and open by appointment for services and consultations. 

You can always reach out to me at 

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