What's A Vsteam?

A VSteam is a centuries old practice of using water and medicinal herbs to cleanse, calm, restore and heal the female reproductive system. While vaginal and Womb Health is primarily what it’s used for, the overall benefits are felt throughout the body. The vagina and womb are both self cleansing spaces however sometimes as women we may need a little help. Think of your colon. It’s self cleansing but occasionally can benefit from a little help. Vsteaming is safe for girls and women of menstruating age and isn’t just for those with problems. It’s most popular for women who have difficult periods, fibroids, cysts, chronic BV, UTI, yeast infections & postpartum care however women who are just fine can find benefit in the treatment as well. The majority of women who make this a regular self care regimen notice increased libido, more peaceful sleep, less anxiety, increased confidence in hygiene and more. We offer free phone consultations and look to explain this practice in simple terms so that everyone can understand what is often misunderstood about this treatment. Have questions? Feel free to ask us. At Vtox Intimate Health & Wellness we offer a contemporary approach to this ancient practice.

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